Thursday 11 August 2016

Customs Broker New York

Customs Broker Serves As A Single Source For All The Import Needs

The Customs broker New York serves as a single source for all your import requirements. The broker helps you with fast and efficient clearances and also provides you with personalized attention to your shipment. The broker has years of experience in this field and is highly knowledgeable. The broker provides expert advice to their customers at affordable rates and ensures that the entire process of shipping and imports are made easy. The team takes good care of your cargo and helps you at every stage of the movement of your shipment forward. The customs broker also provides trucking services at reasonable rates. The customer can also get a free quote on the trucking rates from the broker. The broker has the ability to assist the customers at every stage right from the manufacturers to your door. Door delivery of all your shipment can also be arranged by the broker. The shipment can be sent to any place in any part of the world, irrespective of the size or destination.

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The broker assists the customers with custom clearance, ISF Filing, Freight Forwarding, Remote Relocation Filing, Annual & Single Bonds and Duty Payment. The Customs broker jfk airport is ABI certified and the electronic interface with the Customs and various other government agencies enable the broker to accelerate the process of shipment and clear the cargo through customs even before it arrives. The systems are regularly updated by the broker in order to make sure that he is aware of all the current policies, rules and regulations pertaining to the customs. The broker has the ability to offer custom clearance at all the ports of the United States of America. While the custom clearance is provided at all the ports, the customs broker has a special knack of handling things at New York or New Jersey where the office is located. The customs broker specializes in FDA and USDA clearances. The broker also processes time-sensitive entries in order to ensure a quick and smooth release. The broker assists in ISF Filing as the ISF 10 + 2 must be filed 72 hours before the departure of the vessel. This will ensure that there are no obstacles and no possible penalties. The broker files on the same day and keeps track of your shipment. You will be notified regularly by the broker on the status of your shipment. The broker can also help your company in obtaining an annual or single bond for your shipments depending on the volume of your import.

Customs broker new York

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