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Customs Broker

Avail Reliable Custom Broker Services for International Freight Forwarding Services

International freight forwarding

The Straight Forward custom broker is the best when it comes to handling the delivery of your imported goods into the country. Yes, there is lot of paper work and documentation involved for the clearance of your goods into the country. With the best knowledge and expertise, the custom house broker can manage this in the most efficient manner so that you can simply relax and have your shipment move forward without any hassles from the custom department. The custom broker shall handle your shipment from the beginning to the end offering the necessary guidance to overcome the hurdles of the customs department. As the custom broker is trained and licensed by the U.S. Home land security they possess in-depth knowledge of the local custom regulations and tariff schedules so that they can ensure your goods are in compliance with the government legislation and regulations for custom clearance and import your shipment into the country. As the custom broker regularly updates with any amendments done in the custom laws and regulations they are the best when it comes to help you with clearance of goods into the country.

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The custom brokers having specialized in FDA/USDA clearances can help you out with time sensitive entries of the goods with smooth processing and fast release of the shipment to make your further arrangements of freight forwarding to the desired destination. The custom broker also offer you international freight forwarding services using their worldwide partner network to move your goods in any corner of the world without any hassles. They also offer you ISF filing services which is very important for quick release of your shipment without any holds or penalties as the filing is completed 72 hours prior to the vessel departure. It is also possible through the custom broker for remote relocation filing and also filing your annual & single bonds. The custom broker also updates you about the variety of options available for duty payment which you can either do on a monthly basis if you are a frequent importer or check out for other options from the custom broker who offers you the best advice.

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The Straight Forward custom broker who is also ABI certified can interface with the customs and other government agencies through electronic interface and expedite your shipment prior to its arrival to any port. The custom broker adds a personal touch for you to enjoy a hassle free shipment of your goods into the country making shipping & imports easy for you.

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