Monday 17 July 2017

US Customs Broker

US Customs Broker Offer You Best Insight for Smooth Shipment of Your Goods into The Country

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Getting clearance for your goods into the country require lot of paper work and compliance to the rules and regulations of the custom department. This surely needs some expert hand and experience to smoothly handle the process of importing your goods into the country. This is when you can actually checkout for reliable US custom broker like Straight Forward who have years of experience in handling all the custom clearance process for a number of clients and can offer you the same services to ensure your shipment is arrived to the destination on time and without any hassles. This is possible because the US customs broker company is licensed and can legally represent the importers to handling their dealings with the customs. As the broker gets his license only after passing the test conducted by the U S Customs on the laws and regulations of import into the country and also has thorough knowledge about the various tariff schedules to guide the customer through the legalities that need to be met to import goods into the country. The US customs broker license is applicable throughout the country and hence they can help with imports to any port in the nation through their licensed person who is located in each of the custom district to help clear the cargo at any port of entry.

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The US customs broker don’t just limit themselves for clearance of goods quickly and effectively but also offer a range of other related services like helping you freight forwarding through their worldwide partner network, customs clearance with specialization in FDA/USAD, ISI filing which is very important for you to have the goods cleared on time as this filing is done 72 hours prior to the departure of the vessel and by the time it reaches the port all paper work and documentation clearances are availed to avoid unnecessary holds and penalties on the shipment. With their nationwide license they can also arrange for the import of goods at any port. The US customs broker also help you with obtaining the annual or single bond based on your shipment frequency and also choosing the right option for duty payment to the customs department like paying on a monthly basis that is a good choice for frequent importers. The Custom broker also updates you on the documents required for entry of your goods into the country like the commercial invoice, bill of landing and air-way billing, country of origin marking and also meeting the specifications of other regulatory agencies for the smooth import experience of your goods into the country.

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