Monday 23 May 2016

Customs Broker USA

Experience Easy Shipment Through US Custom Broker

If you are looking at importing some goods or services, the best option for you is to contact the US customs broker. The Customs broker new jersey serves as a single point of contact for all your requirements with regards to import of goods or services. The customs broker ensures fast and efficient clearances from the customs. The broker would pay personalized attention to your shipment. All these services are provided at affordable prices. The customs broker is highly knowledgeable and experienced in handling the issues related to customs and uses all his expertise to give expert advice to the clients. All the transactions, dealings and other communications made by the broker are absolutely transparent. The broker would offer full visibility to his clients. The client is always in a hurry to ship the items on time and generally gets stuck in the process of custom clearance. The process tests the patience of the clients as they may not be aware of the process and will not have the expertise to deal with it.

Customs broker new York

The Customs broker new jersey completely understands the client's situation and is aware of the pain that you have taken and the money that you have invested to serve your clients. The customs broker sees to it that you meet your customer's expectations by getting quick clearances and shipping out the goods on time. You will be informed of the status of the shipment through the broker. You can also call the customs broker at any time to get your doubts clarified.

Customs broker new jersey

The broker also helps in ISF Filing in order to get a good start on your shipment. It is very important to fill ISF 10+2 and file 72 hours before the departure of the vessel. This is very important as it would avoid possible holds and penalties. The broker will file your 10+2/ISF same day to avoid penalties or holds on your shipment. The customs broker also offers custom clearance at all the US ports with a specialty on New York or New Jersey ports where the office is located. The customs broker us border also specializes in FDA or USDA clearances and also processes time-sensitive entries to ensure smooth and fast release. The customs broker is also a member of the worldwide association Lognet Global which makes it possible for him to enjoy a full coverage with the world's fastest logistics networks. The broker also arranges for door delivery of all your shipments irrespective of the size or destination.

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