Friday 27 January 2017

ISF Filing

Customs Broker Us Border Can Help to Clear Your Shipment Without Any Hassles

Most of the companies find it a bit difficult to handle the custom clearance to import their goods into the country either due to lack of knowledge regarding the documentation process or unaware about the government regulations and legislation on the import process and hence struck with at the clearance point. Instead of facing all such hassles one can simply rely on the customs broker US border services who can act as a single point of contact for all the shipment requirements for their clients. The custom brokers being highly trained import experts and licensed by the US department having thorough knowledge about the customs regulations and tariff schedules can make the imports clearance a smooth process for the clients. Being updated with the changes in the US customs law and administrative regulations the custom broker can handle all your shipment requirements from the start to the finish without any complications to access your goods the minute they touch the US border. The customs broker US border is also an expert in resolving all the issues related to customs clearance with an experience in dealing matters with FDA and USDA.

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The customs broker jfk airport offer clearance services at all airports and ports irrespective of where their office is located in the country. As the customs broker is applicable across the nation they have a licensed person in each custom district and can ensure smooth clearance of your goods at any point of time and place. As you hire the customs broker US border services they shall pay individual attention on your shipment working out on the custom duties and taxes that need to be paid even before your shipment arrives to the destination. As they are also aware regarding the goods that need special permits and certification they ensure the client meets these requirements prior to importation of the goods so that the goods meet the government compliance and get cleared by the customs authorities. The brokers also take care of the ISI filing which has to be done 72 hours before the vessel departure to avoid any penalties or possible holds of the shipment. They also extend their services to plan for the freight forwarding of your shipment with competitive rates for air shipments, LCL and FCL. They also help the client obtain suitable annual or single bond for the shipments based on the volume. They also update the clients on the different options of duty payment based on the frequency of imports for the client company.

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